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Web server
construction and
hosting service
On Line Shopping
Oredring a product
system or sales
management system
on the web site
Automatic system
for receiveing and
delivering mail on
the web site
CD-ROM and
Digital Contents
Internet access using
card type of CD-ROM
Actual CD-ROM
contents results
CD-ROM and Internet
Internet access using card type of CD-ROM
You can use it in two ways :
Type1 : For most data stored on a CD-ROM
(usually, it is possible to store on a CD-ROM (its capacity is about 700MB or 650MB.))

If the contents are never changed and are stable, they should be stored on a CD-ROM, including searching a text data function (i.e., searching a key word). Even though new data are downloaded from the data base server though the Internet, all of the text data included on the CD-ROM can be searched at the client's PC. Therefore, the data base server never carries a load when operating the search engine.

Type2 : For most contents of the data base server
(it is possible to use a card sized CD-ROM (its capacity is about 30MB or 18MB.))

Most contents of the data base server and the special browser programmed for accessing them can be stored on a card sized CD-ROM. Whenever accessing data, the special browser stored on the card sized CD-ROM must be used. Therefore, a system administer can manage users who have received the card sized CD-ROM. This type can be used for many applications,-for example, introducing a new product, e-manuals (it is possible to save about 1,000 pages of paper) can be used and a person accessing to the data base server can be recorded.

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