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Web server
construction and
hosting service
On Line Shopping
Oredring a product
system or sales
management system
on the web site
Automatic system
for receiveing and
delivering mail on
the web site
CD-ROM and
Digital Contents
Internet access using
card type of CD-ROM
Actual CD-ROM
contents results
CD-ROM and Internet
Digital Contents
CD-ROM contents connected to Internet

The CD-ROMs are used as the only media for storing data, but the contents of the CD-ROM can be programmed to access the Internet web sites. Therefore, the contents of the CD-ROM are referenced to the contents of the web server.

Furthermore, when you access the Internet web contents from the CD-ROM, you can save data from the web site in your PC's hard disk. For example, you can order products shown and send mails addressed in the CD-ROM and save the accessing log data to the web server when your PC is connected to the Internet. In other words, all users who access from the CD-ROM to the web sites can join a user chatting group and get new product information from the news server and save the information in their PC.

When accessing Internet web sites from the CD-ROM drive in your PC, you can use the original browser programmed to the contents of the CD-ROM. Therefore, you don't need to worry about using the version of browsing software usually packaged and an OS that may happen to loose the original layout of the web site, and other troubles. This is the reason why the original browser is operated as the special one to access the web site from the CD-ROM contents. The contents can be created to operate on every Windows and Macintosh OS, so many users can be supported by the contents of the CD-ROM.

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When inserting the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive first, check and enjoy the contents of the CD-ROM. When connecting the PC to the Internet, data update news can be gotten through the Internet, because the contents of the CD-ROM are programmed to access to the web site. You can then download new data in the data base server through the Internet and save it on the PC's hard disk. You can use both the data in the CD-ROM and the new data downloaded and stored on the hard disk without connecting to the Internet.
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