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Our Vision
Web server
construction and
hosting service
On Line Shopping
Oredring a product
system or sales
management system
on the web site
Automatic system
for receiveing and
delivering mail on
the web site
CD-ROM and
Digital Contents
Internet access using
card type of CD-ROM
Actual CD-ROM
contents results
Oredring a product system or sales management system on the web site
Changing the group ware of a company to the network enterprises by Internet !!
Processing in a lump sum of ordering managing system

When order lists of products sent from companies are received by the producing company, they are directly and automatically checked against the products stock and delivery management lists by using computers on the network. Therefore, as only managers check the ordering and delivery systems, the ordering and delivery process will be done smoothly, even though many people work on the process, and some might make mistakes in the process.

Rationalized system for checking every process

If information on stock and delivery progress of a company receiving orders is opened to ordering companies on the web site, the time to ask for stock and delivery will be much shorter between ordering companies and delivering company. Furthermore, company receiving the order can answer the read time from production to delivery.

Operating a cooperative system for receiving an order management on Internet web site

If the list of products is always open and checked between a company placing an order and a company receiving the order on the web site, the producing factory and transport terminal can forecast their short-term and long-term demand. By building up the system, an order receiving company can make a schedule of products being produced and materials required. As everyone can operate them very well on the web browser, the cooperative system can be used very extensively.

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