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Web server
construction and
hosting service
On Line Shopping
Oredring a product
system or sales
management system
on the web site
Automatic system
for receiveing and
delivering mail on
the web site
CD-ROM and
Digital Contents
Internet access using
card type of CD-ROM
Actual CD-ROM
contents results
Web server construction and hosting service

When using the Internet on your business, sales management and so on, you may utilize web applications serviced by your Internet provider-so called ASP (Application Service Provider). However, if you have your original plans for your Internet business, how do you think that the ASP will cover all of your Internet business plans? Furthermore, you need to display the original brand on your web site, because it is very important to identify your company.
We advize you to select a good Internet provider and leased network and to manage your web server. Even if you manage your server computer system at your office, you need to build up other server systems for your computer when you start your Internet business-on line shopping, web sales management and so on. Therefore, we can also manage your server systems to develop web applications.

¥When using normal web applications

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