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We translate English to Japanese, and vice versa, on the following subjects: semiconductors, computers (hardware and software) and medical treatment system. Usually, when we produce catalogues, manuals, design materials, papers, CD-ROM contents and Web-server home pages in Japanese, we also produce them in English. These are often newly developed technologies, so they must be explained very precisely in each language and they must be translated quickly. Therefore, Japanese and English specialists in each subject always work together in checking the materials.

Subjects of semiconductors and computers
We have been translating these subjects since our company was established. These technologies are frequently updated and the materials are widely read. Some users are specialists or engineers, and others may be beginners. Therefore, when we translate papers, we always proofread the translated sentences and explain new words. This means that our translators also need to keep abreast of developments in their special technology. If it is necessary to explain technical matters more simply for the layman, we rewrite the translations accordingly.

Medical Subjects
We have been translating subjects concerning medical systems produced by medical companies. These systems use computers and network systems; so they need to combine medical and computer knowledge. When we translate medical materials into English or Japanese, we always ask the specialists to check the special meanings and the engineers of the medical company to check the medical system.