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Company Profile

In 1989, we started a printing system- called DTP (Desk Top Publishing), which produce catalogues, books and manuals using a computer. This system includes the facility to create jobs-such as, writing (including translation of Japanese to English, and vice versa), editing, page design, photo-developing and film output.

In addition, we produce a CD-ROM whose contents include 3-D animation and interactive simulation, which can be used for presentation and educational tools.
Now, we recommend the best E-business solution for each customer.

With these digital products, our industry classifications will change and their borders will be removed, creating an entirely new industry. It may be called the multimedia industry and it will be a giant market in the 21st century. The multimedia industry comprises three fields - producing information, supplying information by media, and using or obtaining information by people, who are getting together from diverse fields. Furthermore, VR (Virtual Reality) can be used as a presentation tool for simulating expected situations. It provides an ideal human interface that includes autonomy, interactivity, and attendance. We suggest the best solution for producing and presenting your information. We believe we can contribute to the multimedia industry and our society in the 21st century.

President, Masako Watanabe